What Are The Pluses Of Google+?

Google+An oft-forgotten social network, Google+ has many advantages which shouldn’t be overlooked.

Many clients ask us if Google+ is worth dedicating time and resources to, after all, keeping up with Facebook, Twitter and a myriad of other social networks is usually hard enough. So what are the pluses of Google+?

Despite various kickstart attempts by Google, as a social network in its own right Google+ is still quite niche and often doesn’t have enough reach to justify using it solely for this purpose.

But the real advantages of Google+ come from how it interacts with other Google services.

Commercial Google+ pages can show up in the search engine’s results and on Google Maps, giving an additional layer of visibility to your business that has considerable reach and credibility.

If your Google+ page is registered as “local”, then you can also receive verified identity status and allow clients to post reviews, giving other customers additional confidence in your business.

There are also a few other tricks to help increase your Google profile, including creating Collections and Communities.

Google+ may not be for everyone and it is unlike any other social network, but there are many ways to tweak how you use it to achieve the best results.

Since it was launched in 2011, we have been using Google+ for our own brands and those of clients. We have measured increasing positive results since then and we know all the pluses, so if you’d like a free consultation on whether Google+ could work for you too, contact us now.

Published: 20 May 2016.