About Us

Ian F. Campbell, Co-Founder

Ian received an expert foundation in marketing and communication while working as a press officer for the U.K.’s millennium celebrations and subsequently as a spokesperson for the London Stock Exchange.

Later, he left financial P.R. to become fluent in Spanish and learn more about the tourism industry as a freelance marketing consultant.

The more he worked with travel marketing, the more he saw the massive benefits the internet and new technologies were bringing to it.

With this as his inspiration, Ian co-founded Communication Common in 2011 with the vision to help tourist destinations and companies get their message out.

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Xus Soler, Co-Founder

As a former senior economist in the public sector, and holding a Masters in both business taxation and economic management, Xus knows a thing or two about managing businesses and their finances.

Originally from Spain but already fluent in English, in 2010 she decided to branch out into the world of tourism.

Building on her extensive personal travel experience, she quickly grasped the fundamentals of the industry by completing a university diploma in tourism marketing.

In 2011, Xus took the final leap of of faith into the travel industry, co-founding Communication Common.

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The Team

We work with a close-knit group of partners, employees and contractors who share our collaborative values.

Our core team never changes, but we adapt as a cooperative group depending on the project at hand and the expertise required.

If you think you share our values and are interested in working with Communication Common contact us now to find out more about opportunities on offer.